River San

“The San is deliverance.It is where you have dreamt about, why you took up fly fishing, where you have journeyed towards and never really believed you would arrive. Well, here is journey’s end. You cannot go beyond, not in this life…” J.Lucas
San river valley

San river valley

San is a very wide river flowing through beautiful Bieszczady mountains – the most interesting section for fly fishing is below the Solina and Myczkowce reservoirs all the way down to the town of Sanok. The upper part above the lakes is stunningly beautiful, although doesn’t have fantastic fishing because of very unstable water conditions.

In 2004 on a 7 kilometers sector of the river just below the turbines a first no-kill sector in Poland was created and since then remains probably the most incredible place to fish. Although very often in autumn the fishing might be as good or even better downstream of it.
Since 2010 the lower stretch all the way down to Sanok is a grayling no-kill, so the difference will slowly disappear.

One of the reasons San holds such a population of fish is abundance of food – incredible amount of invertebrates.
October hatches of blue winged olives are by many who have seen them described as out of this world.

San in Postołów

San in Postołów

The amount of gamarrus shrimp in every single weed is astonishing. Caddies houses lying on calmer water under the trees are impossible to count. Every stone you pick from the water has a creature attached to it.

I will describe shortly below the pegs we mostly fish on around 20 kilometers of the river – don’t forget – because of its size it is impossible to penetrate a kilometer of this river in on day! you can walk through it, but you can’t fish every bit of it!

– Turbines in Zwierzyn – quite narrow river famous for grayling density although hardly fisheable in high water
– Huchen hole under the rock – a deep pool where numerous Huchen live
– Island’s flat-  a b glide with some big fish; can be fished even at high water.
– the Islands – variations of styles on a short bit – calm left bank side with grayling, faster and more riffle on the forest bank full of trout.

The confluence with Hoczewka river

The confluence with Hoczewka river

– in between of the islands – a calm, rarely visited very interesting and technical water
– the second island – the riffles along the island are a fantastic dry fly water
– Power lines – known stretch for some huge fish, difficult place to fish because of slow, flat water
– the Huchen hole – very hard wading, very good fishing :)
– Flat above Eldorado – with a reputation for big grayling
– Eldorado – the name speaks for itself
– Prison – there is actually a prison on the bank of the river there, there used to be a bridge that fell when I was a kid. great grayling water.
– Bachlawa – the biggest glide about 200 meters wide, the last hope for a fishing day when river is really high
– the confluence with Hoczewka river – a great spot with very interesting pools and riffles
– the Salamander – some people love that stretch, I don’t

Huchen hole, Islands, Powerline

Huchen hole, Islands down to the Powerlines

– the Plates – the name comes from rocks on the bottom lying like plates in a dishwasher. Most horrible wading on the entire river, one of the best fishing of course!
– the Green House – a fantastic long stretch of the river known for grayling.

– Lesko bridge – another very wide peg can be fished at high water
– First Bend – with rocks on it’s side and a huchen hole
– Second Bend – a beautiful spot with very variated fishing, one of my favorite off the beaten track
– Pig Farm – some catastrophically bad wading – obviously very interesting to fish
– Postołów bridge – especially interesting water is just below the bridge.
– Postołów ford down to the island – a very known grayling place
– Lukawica rock – a great grayling place just 400 meters from our lodge
– Our garden – good for trout, grayling tend to appear there around October
– Lukawica flat – almost inaccessible but with some giant fish that show up from time to time.
– Sobień huchen hole – very deep river bend.
– Zaluz islands – probably the most beautiful place on the San, good fishing usually in autumn.
– Zagorz railway bridge – very interesting place, few deeper pools and interesting riffles.
– the Weir down to confluence with Osława river – a hugely variated piece of water with micro pools, riffles – fantastic dry fly water.

It’s just a short description here, I could spend days talking about it – when you come to our lodge we will certainly discuss every time about the place we choose for the days fishing