Please use this as a checklist of gear to bring with you to the San.
As VISION partner we have rods and reels for our guests to try or use during your stay. We can also offer substantial discount for all vision equipment for our guests.

Fly rods
#4 – #6 will do in most cases. If you want to focus on the Danube Salmon (Huchen, Taimen) – 7-9 weight is recommended.
Fly reels
To suit your rod and handle fly line and at least 50 meters of backing (In case you hit a Taimen or huge trout – it happens!)
Fly Lines
We use floating lines 80% of the time. Dull in colour if possible. Sink Tip lines are needed for early season, and other periods with high water and stronger flows.

Leader and tippet
The later in the season we are – the longer it gets. My personal experience is 4′ – 5′ single piece 0.30 mm leader for streamers in spring;  9′ tapered down to 0.14 mm till July, 12′ – 15′ tapered down to 0.10 mm in autumn.

Fishing vest
With clippers, forceps, knotless landing net (obligatory)
All flies must be tied on barbless hooks (or crushed barb). You risk being banned from the fishing if wardens find you fishing with barbed hooks!!
We have our own fly tying company and we can supply you with flies – check us out .
Chest waders, neoprene (misadvised for the summer fishing) or Gore-Tex, bootfoot or stockingfoot with wadding shoes, not necessarily felted (but preferable)
Good quality polarized sun or prescription glasses, woolen socks, wide brimmed hat or baseball cap, windproof pullover/fleece and a good quality rain jacket – a dull colour is best.

If you happen to forget something we will pay a visit to our friend’s fishing tackle shop, which is in the nearest town. I’m sure we will find there what you need.(and this is a real fun trip)